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Get Involved In The Fight For Human Rights

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights not only exposes human rights violations in the field of mental health, but actively works alongside individuals and groups across Australia to bring about much needed reform. There are many ways you can help.

Distribute CCHR DVDs and publications

The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane? DVD.We have DVDs and publications that you can distribute to others either by ordering them online, or by sending links. We also have free downloadable publications and reports which are available for easy distribution.

Order DVDs and publications online

Go to free publications download page

Please contact CCHR if you would like bulk copies of any of CCHR’s Fact Sheets

Report any mental health abuse

White button on a dirty old panel, selective focus - report abuse.Including drugging, electroshock, involuntary commitment etc. by filling out an abuse case form and submitting it to CCHR (all information kept in strict confidence).


Report adverse reactions to psychiatric drugs

Tablet with the text side effects on the display.The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration encourages consumers and doctors to report an adverse reaction to a medicine or medical device. Adverse drug reaction reports are evaluated along with those received from manufacturers and can result in safety alerts, labelling changes with stronger side effect warnings, or even the withdrawal of the drug from the market. That is why it is important for all consumers to report psychiatric drug side effects.



Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has an “Adverse Medicines Event Line.” To go to their reporting system click here.

New Zealand

New Zealand’s Medsafe Center for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM). To go to CARM’s official website click here.


Happy mum and daughter outside in autumn.It is through your donations that CCHR is able to carry on with its vital work and human rights campaigns. You can make a one-time donation, a monthly pledge or become a member of CCHR.


Get active in your area

Hands typing on a laptop.In each state of Australia there are psychiatric abuses issues which need to be eliminated including the forced drugging of children who are involuntarily detained and the use of ECT, restraint and seclusion on children. There are many actions you can take including:

Writing letters to your Health Ministers and Members of Parliament

Legislators really do want to know where you stand on issues facing Australia so writing to them can create changes.

You can ask them to amend your states mental health laws to ban such abuses as electroshock, restraint and seclusion on children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Write letters to your newspapers

One Letter to the Editor printed often generates more resulting in full discussion of a key issue.

Inform others so they can take action too

To find out more about key issues CONTACT CCHR.

Link to the CCHR website

Businessman clicking on tactile interface web address bar.If you or someone you know has a website, you can educate others by adding a link to this or other CCHR websites.
International Sites: and
National Australian Site: