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CCHR produces a variety of fact sheets which are below, these can be printed, copied and forwarded. Click an image to download the PDF. If you would like free bulk copies of these Fact Sheets, please contact CCHR.

Fact Sheets

Facts about Psychiatric Drugging of Australian Children


NSW Mental Health Act


West Australia Mental Health Act

Pink and orange pills.

Australian Government Warnings


Queensland Mental Health Act

CCHR’s Mental Health Declaration of Human Rights

Withdrawal from drugs

Withdrawal Fact Sheet


South Australian Mental Health Act


Alternatives to Psychiatric Treatments

Brain Damaging Effects of Electroshock: The Facts


Victorian Mental Health Act

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What you can do


A family in autumn leaves.

The need for fully informed parental consent

Truth About Psychiatry: CCHR Official Reports

CCHR International has written 20 booklets that can be accessed, downloaded and read on this link.

Psychiatric Drugs: Create Violence & Suicide: