Citizens Commission on Human Rights

The Mental Health Watchdog

Australian National Office

Psychiatry: Human Rights Abuse and Failure Free Exhibition

Sydney 13th September to 10th October 2017

Human rights abuse labelling kids with ADHD.This important exhibition contains key information that every person should know to help protect themselves and their family’s rights and to ensure they are able to make fully informed choices regarding mental health treatment.

It details the truth about psychiatry as presented by psychiatrists, doctors, lawyers and other leading professionals in display and audio visual presentation.

You may have questioned why there were over 1.1 million people in NSW on psychiatric drugs in 2015/16 and 29,000 NSW children aged 2 to 16 on ADHD drugs that the Australian Government classes in the same category as cocaine. And also asked why yet another 15,882 NSW children aged 2-16 are on antidepressants when no antidepressant has been approved for use in children under 18 for depression.

Come to this free exhibition and find out the answers and facts.

Date: 13th September to 10th October 2017
Time: 10am to 7pm daily
Where: 82 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney
Phone: (02) 99649844

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