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Psychiatry: Friend or foe? The Untold Story of Australian Psychiatry 
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Australia really is the lucky country, with its beaches, sunshine and wide-open spaces. It really is a great place to live.

But despite all this, psychiatrists tell us we are not as happy as we appear and that we need more and more treatment.
Australia is currently experiencing a tidal wave of psychiatric drugging. In a population of just over 24 million, more than 36 million prescriptions are being written for psychiatric drugs every year.

Are we really that anxious – or that depressed?

But considering the huge increases in psychiatric drug consumption over the last twenty years – drugs we are told are nothing short of miraculous– why aren’t we doing better?

Is psychiatry just making things worse?

This documentary details the real story of what lies behind the ever-increasing psychiatric funding and drugging of our children and society. It is vital information everyone needs to know.
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