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Release of Australian Documentary about Psychiatric Drugs

Due to skyrocketing numbers of children on antidepressants CCHR has released a documentary titled, Psychiatry Friend or Foe? The Untold Story of Australian Psychiatry.


Release of Australian Documentary About the Dangers of Psychotropic Drugs

A young girl with half face composed of pills.A staggering 49,052 Australian children under 17 are on antidepressants, of which 1,459 are aged 2-6. Due to the skyrocketing numbers of children who are at grave risk from psychotropic drugs, the Citizens Committee on Human Rights (CCHR) produced and released its new documentary, Psychiatry Friend or Foe? The Untold Story of Australian Psychiatry at the Sydney Opera House on 20th March 2017.

For years the risks of these drugs, including suicide, have been known. Australian psychiatrists ignored the warning signals. In 2004 the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) issued a warning covering emergence of suicidal thinking and behaviour with SSRI antidepressants (eg. Prozac, Zoloft) in children and adults. No antidepressant is authorised for children under 18 for treatment of depression.

Despite this, the TGA’s Adverse Drug Reactions Database for antidepressants reveals that as of 31/10/16 there are:

The latest figures show $ 8 billion was spent on mental health in 2013/14.

A recent evaluation of psychiatrist Professor Patrick McGorry’s headspace centres that received $66.08 million in 2013/14 showed that of the 26,058 evaluated 12-25 year olds seen by headspace, only 13% had a “clinically significant improvement”, 28% had no change and an astounding nearly 30% either declined or significantly worsened. Consultation costs alone ranged from $136 to $1,000.

CCHR’s Executive Director, Shelley Wilkins, said, “Psychiatrists and the pharmaceutical industry are standing by silent because they are making a killing out of these drugs.”

The documentary provides facts about Australian psychiatry with 19 experts, including doctors and psychologists. The devastation caused by psychiatric drugs is told by those who have taken them and their family members.

As psychiatrist Dr. Niall McLaren, interviewed for the documentary states: “There is absolutely nothing to suggest that the standards of health in Australia are being improved by widening rates of prescription of psychotropic drugs.”

The documentary can be watched on the homepage here.