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Legal Resources

Portrait of smiling lawyer offering handshake while sitting at desk in courtroom.CCHR provides a list of legal organisations as a service to make obtaining legal representation easier. CCHR makes no recommendations about any of the organisations listed. We advise that you choose a lawyer that you feel confident working with. Even if the lawyer is working for free, make sure you are 100% satisfied with them or you may not obtain the required result you want.


Law Societies in Each State of Australia

orange and burgundy justice scales.

Other ways to locate a lawyer to assist would include searching on-line for medical negligence lawyers, personal injury lawyers, human rights lawyers and similar. Should you call someone and they are unable to help, ask them if they know of anyone who can as this may shorten your search.

You could also talk to your lawyer if required about the possibility of what actions could be taken to assist in preventing future psychiatric treatment through the use of a Living Will, Power of Attorney, Medical Guardianship, (some states of Australia have Advance Health Directives or similar). State Governments will also have information on this area.

Freedom of Information Acts – Obtaining Medical Records and Government Information

Freedom of information act government documents unsealed envelope.All states of Australia have acts of law which allow for patients to obtain their medical records as well as for the public to obtain information from government agencies. Medical records can greatly assist with lodgement of complaints and legal actions.

The name of the law, what can be obtained and from where does vary from state to state and federally. Below are links that provide information for each state on this law and how to make a freedom of information request. The hospital or agency where it is known/thought the records are, can be phoned directly and asked for assistance to make the request.