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Feral Psychiatry: More on the Garth Daniels Case

By Psychiatrist Niall McLaren, Featured Blogs, 21 June 2016

Red facts filled with "who", "what", "where", "when", "how", and "why" at different depths.It stated “40-year-old Daniels has spent about fourteen of the past twenty years in mental hospitals. He has been given every known psychiatric drug in large doses; he has been shackled to his bed for long periods, including 115 days in 2015, of which 69 days were consecutive; and he has been given electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) three times a week for about 34wks with apparently no limit intended.In hundreds of reports and hearings, Daniels has been characterised as an “extremely violent and unpredictable paranoid schizophrenic.” Professor after professor has described him as suffering “a brittle psychosis” that requires extreme treatment. He has been seen as quite likely the most dangerous man in the state’s entire history. While the total cost to the taxpayers has been well more than $10 million, the benefits of this prodigious diversion of resources to one (rather small) man have been underwhelming. The cost to Daniels and his family has been incalculable.”

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