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Numbers of Australian Children and Adults on Antidepressants, Antipsychotics and ADHD Drugs

Pharmaceutical multi-colored tablets and capsules scattered on the surface.

CCHR Australia has obtained from the Australian Government the numbers of Australian children and adults on psychiatric drugs by age, drug and state funded on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for various years since 2007. The first figures were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act in 2007, then they were provided free twice by the Federal Government. Since 2014 it has cost thousands of dollars to obtain the statistics. Also published below are some statistics that others have originally requested.

They are provided here for your use by CCHR. These figures should be completely transparent and published yearly so that the public have access to them. No-one should have to request them or pay for them.

The figures are very easy to use. See the first table for the age breakup for the class of drug by age and State, and then the following table is the breakup by each drug in the class.

Note on usage: The 2007 ADHD figures have a slightly different layout than the rest.

Numbers of prescriptions for ADHD subsidised drugs by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

Healthcare costs for different people among graphic chart made by pills.CCHR also once a year collates the numbers of prescriptions for ADHD drugs subsidised under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for all ages from the Medicare website.

These do not include all the private prescriptions. Download: ADHD Stats 1 January 1992 – 30 June 2019

Note: The information enclosed in these documents is not intended to supplement medical advice or be used to guide medical decisions. No one should stop taking any psychiatric drug without the advice and assistance of a competent medical doctor.