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Deep Sleep Treatment and Chelmsford Hospital

Feb 2013A depressed man on bed in a mental hospital.“The NSW Public Interest Advocacy Centre is celebrating its 30 years of advocacy, including its support of the Chelmsford hospital deep sleep treatment tragedy in the 1980s-90s on behalf of the victims and Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), especially CCHR’s then executive director, Jan Eastgate. As PIAC notes, “That the tragedy of deep-sleep therapy was finally exposed to the public owes much to the persistence of two people who subsequently became clients of PIAC: Barry Hart, a former patient, and Jan Eastgate, president of the Citizens Committee on Human Rights (CCHR), backed by the Church of Scientology….If a government agency is dragging its feet, the citizen must force the agency to quicken its pace or prosecute the matter without the agency’s help. But it is difficult to think what more Ms Eastgate and Mr Hart could have done to expose Chelmsford.”

Read more: http://www.piac.asn.au/news/2013/02/deep-sleep-tragedy